Student Resources

As a student, you may be wondering what post-secondary resources are available to you as you approach graduation. Below you will find useful information in regards to scholarships, financial aid and some post-secondary institutions.


Q: I want to attend post-secondary school in British Columbia, what are my options?
A: There are more than 25 public universities, colleges and institutions in BC – check out the Ministry of Advanced Education’s post-secondary links page to find the right option for you, or go to my Community Corner page, if you’re looking for local options.
If you want more information on BC’s universities, try visiting the following the links:University of Northern BCSimon Fraser UniversityUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of VictoriaRoyal Roads University.

Q: Where can I get information about scholarships and bursaries?
A: BC Awards Online is a great source for information on scholarships and post-secondary education.You can also find information by visiting the following sites: Scholarships CanadaStudent AwardsCan Learn; or the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.

Q: Where can I find information about film, design and technical colleges in BC?
A: If your interests lie in film, design or technical studies, visit the follow sites: Nicola Valley Institute of TechnologyBritish Columbia Institute of TechnologyEmily Carr Institute of Art & Design; and the Vancouver Film School.

Q: I want to attend university in British Columbia; where can I get information on student financial aid?
A: The following universities provide information on student financial aid:University of British ColumbiaUniversity of VictoriaSimon Fraser UniversityRoyal Roads UniversityUniversity of Northern British ColumbiaThompson Rivers University Open Learning.You should also visit the Ministry of Advanced Education’s Student Financial Aid Web site. Their site provides information on everything from designated schools to online application forms for financial aid.

Q: Where else can I find resource information on post-secondary education?
A: If you’re planning on attending a post-secondary institution, check out these other sites:British Columbia Admissions and Transfer GuidePost Secondary Program SearchSchool FinderPost Secondary Application Service; and Can Learn Interactive.